About Oregon Agritourism Partnership

Sparking Agritourism Connection

Oregon Agritourism Partnership (OAP) is an Oregon nonprofit established in August, 2014 to assist producers with state-wide opportunities that:

  1. Connect the public with Oregon farms, ranches, wineries, other agriculture value-added operations and the people who operate them, and agricultural and farm-related events in order to build relationships and enhance knowledge, familiarity, and appreciation for farming, and to establish a sense of place.
  2. Provide the public with easier access to sources of fresh, wholesome foods as well as local sources of plants, fiber, and farm animals;
  3. Connect the public with the land and its resources;
  4. Provide fun and educational experiences that will encourage families to get outdoors and enjoy spending time together.

Major Projects to Date

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Agritourism Summits

Agritourism Limited Liability Sign Program

Oregon Farm Loop