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The South Clackamas Farm Loop is a self-guided farm tour route that leads you to 20 farm stops in the South Clackamas area. You’ll find things to do and see all year ’round.  It’s the perfect outing for family and friends, right in Portland’s backyard.

In just a few minutes travel time from Portland, you can gather natural goodness from a farm, pet farm animals, taste hazelnuts and chocolates, sip fine wines produced from the region’s Jory soils, watch a rodeo or shop for western wear.

The community of family farms and value-added operations welcome you to join them for a taste, both literal and figurative, of what the Willamette Valley has to offer. The South Clackamas Farm Loop can connect you to local family farms and country business operators rooted in the rural community and committed to sharing their authentic experience with you.

Farms vary in their open season, depending on what they grow. It’s best to check their website, Facebook and/or call them before you visit.

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